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About Us

 Lau Cheung Lee Foundry Company
Limited was established in 2005.

 Lau Cheung Lee Foundry  LCLhas been involved in the casting industry at Ping Che in Fanling since 1971.  To keep abreast of the rapid growth and development of our business, the base of manufacturing was moved to China in 1989 and “Ngai Xing” foundry was established at Hui Chou City, GuangDong at the same time. We can manufacture 6000 metric tons of casting products annually.

Our company specializes in manufacturing and supplying products of Grade 180 cast iron, complying with BS 1452; Grade EN-GJL-150 cast iron, complying with BSEN1561; Grade EN-GJS-500-7 ductile iron, complying with BSEN1563. Some of our products include grating cover,
manhole covers and frames complying with BSEN124, gully grating, kerb overflow weirs, filler, multi-part covers etc. All products meet the relative standard of requirements with certificates issued by government approved laboratories. Nevertheless, we are a government qualified material supplier.

Our customer includes great variety of engineering and construction companies. We are an authorized supplier of various government departments of Hong Kong including HYD, DSD, WSD, CEDD, ASD, HKHA and EMSD etc.

With rigid quality control and management system, we are committed to provide our customers with quality products and services. At all times, we ensure our customer with high satisfaction with our products and services.

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